Click, Tweet, and Support Domestic Violence Survivors

The Allstate Foundation and YWCA Join Together To Raise Awareness Of Domestic Violence

7.7.2010 - Helping domestic violence survivors just became as easy as sending a tweet to your friends and family. The Allstate Foundation and the national YWCA have joined together to help end domestic violence through the #Tweet4YWCA campaign.

Beginning July 7, The Allstate Foundation is donating $1 to the YWCA for every tweet that includes #Tweet4YWCA, up to $75,000. The tweet-a-thon will run from July 7-16.

Additionally, Allstate Foundation's website,, will feature a leader board, live streaming tweets, and real time calculator of how much has been donated during the campaign.

Allstate Foundation, @ClickToEmpower, and YWCA, @YWCAUSA, have a commitment to ending domestic violence and providing economic empowerment programs.


  1. Send a tweet using the hashtag: #Tweet4YWCA.
  2. Visit to see how close we are to reaching the $75,000 goal.
  3. Follow @ClickToEmpower and @YWCAUSA to get updates about the campaign.

What You Can Do To Help:

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