Allstate Foundation Regional Grants

The Allstate funding has given me the ability to pursue dreams that I thought were lost a long time ago. After finally being able to say I am living a violence-free life I can now also say I am a successful college student and soon a graduate, hopefully with honors. Their help has made me more able to help myself, my family and others."

In addition to The Allstate Foundation's national grantmaking programs, each of our 14 Allstate regional offices also distribute grants to local organizations primarily in the areas of economic empowerment for domestic violence survivors and safe teen driving. On average, the regions give grants ranging from $5,000 to $20,000.

When to apply: We are not accepting unsolicited applications in 2014. If you are a returning grantee, please contact your Allstate grant contact for more information about deadlines and requirements. For more general information about The Allstate Foundation and our grant programs, please visit

Money and finances play an important role for many victims when considering whether to leave an abusive relationship. In fact, economic factors are the strong predictor in a survivor's decision to stay, leave, or return to an abusive relationship. The devastation of leaving behind a home, income, benefits and economic security are challenges that all survivors of domestic violence must overcome, regardless of their education, job skills and personal earning potential. Many survivors of domestic violence have nominal or no access to money or have had their financial security destroyed by their abuser. The Allstate Foundation Domestic Violence Program helps survivors build financial independence by addressing their unique economic needs.