Tell a Gal Pal


I realized that The Allstate Foundation was working with domestic abuse and economic empowerment in particular. I knew I was in the right place when they were going to work on the same thing that I was silently dealing with."

Tell a Gal Pal about Domestic Violence. Let's face it together.

Domestic violence isn't just a women's issue. It impacts everyone--men, women, children, families and whole communities each year.

Since 2008, The Allstate Foundation's Tell a Gal Pal campaign has encouraged everyone to talk openly about domestic violence with their gal pals - whether it's your best friend, sister, mother, daughter, niece, cousin or neighbor - and support those in need. The campaign takes place in October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and features helpful tips and tools, interactive online activities, inspiring videos, and many more ways to get involved in ending domestic violence. Tell a Gal Pal has been supported by inspiring gal pals such as Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino, Ugly Betty's Ana Ortiz, and Cheryl Burke of Dancing with the Stars.

What is a gal pal?

Listen as advocates, finance experts, coalition leaders, and survivors share what they think it means to be a gal pal:

It's time we talk openly and face domestic violence together.

Domestic violence is a difficult subject to discuss with a friend or family member who may be in an abusive relationship. Use the resources below from experts to help make the conversation easier.