Allstate Against Abuse Team


I realized that The Allstate Foundation was working with domestic abuse and economic empowerment in particular. I knew I was in the right place when they were going to work on the same thing that I was silently dealing with."

At Allstate, we are the Good Hands® people. We help individuals realize their hopes and dreams. We protect them from life's uncertainties and prepare them for the future. But for some people, including domestic violence survivors, dreams often take a back seat to daily survival.

That's why The Allstate Foundation is helping survivors of domestic violence realize that safer and brighter futures are within reach.
Hundreds of Allstate employees have already supported our domestic violence efforts, from customer service representatives and Allstate Agents who donated and collected business suits to benefit survivors, to government relations staff providing pro bono services to domestic violence organizations to Allstate leaders who champion the cause. However, there's still more work to be done. 

The Allstate Against Abuse Team is a growing network of select Allstate agency owners, personal financial representatives and employees. Team members use their own professional expertise, along with materials and resources provided by The Allstate Foundation, to help survivors in their communities achieve their financial goals and live free from abuse. From simple acts, like educating customers on domestic violence and where to find help, to more involved efforts, like volunteering at a local domestic violence organization to teach financial fundamentals, the group is dedicated to ending the cycle of domestic violence, one survivor at a time.

Click here to see how exclusive Allstate agents Tara Schultz and Michele Martin are working to help survivors in Wisconsin and New York.

The Allstate Foundation is currently asking agents and personal financial representatives to join the Allstate Against Abuse Team and help domestic violence survivors in their communities achieve financial security.