Online Financial Curriculum


Assisting survivors to understand the implications of how to begin to rebuild her credit, saving for the future and where to find on-going support can make the difference between building financial stability and a survivors returning to her abuser."


84% of spouse abuse victims are women.

Different people learn differently. So, The Allstate Foundation created Moving Ahead Through Financial Management Curriculum materials both in a hard copy and a web-based version that you can watch, listen and learn.

Watch only the Moving Ahead curriculum sections that meet your needs or take the time to view the whole series.  Building your personal financial management skills helps build your independence.

(Note: Flash is required to view the curriculum modules.)

Module 1: Surviving Financial Abuse
Module 2: Learning Financial Basics
Module 3: Budgeting Your Money
Module 4: Saving and Investing
Module 5: Understanding Your Credit
Module 6: Repairing Your Credit
Module 7: Renting an Apartment
Module 8: Applying For Loans
Module 9: Buying a Home
Module 10: Buying a Car
Module 11: Understanding Insurance
Module 12: Building a Future