Financial Empowerment Curriculum


Assisting survivors to understand the implications of how to begin to rebuild her credit, saving for the future and where to find on-going support can make the difference between building financial stability and a survivors returning to her abuser."

The Allstate Foundation's Moving Ahead Through Financial Management Curriculum is a comprehensive package of tools and information designed to empower victims to be self-sufficient with their finances. The curriculum includes the following components:

    • Strategies for addressing the complex financial and safety challenges of ending a relationship with an abusive partner

    • Information on how to protect personal and financial safety in an abusive relationship and after leaving an abusive relationship

    • Methods for dealing with the misuse of financial records

  • Tools to help people of all incomes and earning power work toward long-term economic empowerment, including budgeting tools, step-by-step planners and more
Check out our [url=/sites/default/files/one-page-planning-guide.pdf]Short-Term Planning Guide[/url] to help get you started on the path to financial fitness.
[url=/financial-tools/curriculum-download]Download the curriculum in English or Spanish[/url]