Career Empowerment Curriculum


Assisting survivors to understand the implications of how to begin to rebuild her credit, saving for the future and where to find on-going support can make the difference between building financial stability and a survivors returning to her abuser."

The Career Empowerment Curriculum was designed by Women Employed and The Allstate Foundation particularly for survivors of domestic violence, to help them feel safe and confident throughout the process of getting a job, to help them elevate their thinking from "just getting a job" to "starting a career," and to do so in a way that fully acknowledges the particular challenges that survivors often face. The curriculum refers to many different career types - blue collar and white collar - and is relevant for survivors with any skill set. The curriculum covers five key topics:

Being Safe During the Job Search and at Work
Choosing and Planning for the Career You Want
Getting Started in Your Career
Preparing for Your Job Search
Sharing Information and Communicating throughout the Job Search and at Work

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