Your work will help to stop the cycle of domestic violence and give women and children the help they desperately need." 

Our Unique and Comprehensive Approach

Since 2005, The Allstate Foundation has donated nearly $20 million to help break the cycle of violence. Working with our nonprofit partners, we provide direct services and assistance to survivors. We commission important research, bring experts together to share ideas, and measure the impact of our work. Finally, we raise awareness about the issue and encourage the public to take action to end domestic violence.

Direct Service

The Allstate Foundation developed the Moving Ahead Grant Programs to provide economic empowerment services and funding support for survivors of domestic violence. Our grant programs empower survivors to gain or regain control of their finances in order to get free and stay free from violence. This includes financial tools and information that can enable survivors of domestic abuse to fully understand their financial circumstances and to engage in short-term and long-term planning to accomplish their personal goals.

Thought Leadership

The Allstate Foundation is committed to spreading the best practices in economic advocacy. Through academic research initiatives and capacity-building conferences, The Allstate Foundation has become a leader in the financial empowerment of survivors of domestic violence.

The Allstate Foundation is committed to learning and publicizing more information surrounding this national crisis. For example, The Allstate Foundation National Poll on Domestic Violence revealed that approximately 6 out of 10 respondents agree that the lack of money and a steady income is often a challenge faced by survivors of domestic violence when leaving their abusers. The Allstate Foundation also hosts the Moving Ahead Economic Empowerment Symposium, where advocates share the best practices and research about providing economic empowerment services to survivors.

Public Awareness

The Allstate Foundation Domestic Violence Program raises awareness and changes societal attitudes about domestic violence and economic abuse. Through traditional and social media campaigns, The Allstate Foundation seeks to encourage people to talk openly about domestic violence and economic abuse.